• Uncover your desires through an on-demand online consult

  • A licensed HairStylist will brainstorm your plan

  • You'll receive a 'cut roadmap' showing all the details that will get you that perfect cut


It's tempting to do the 'same old thing' but you don't have to. You deserve to ignite your passion and love your look.

Cuts are complicated.

How do find and execute the best plan for you?

We've seen it so many times before: you think you need one thing to accomplish your goals... and then you live with it at home and HATE YOUR HAIRCUT. Others may feel like they have a great plan, but when they get to the Salon, there is a problem with execution. So how do you get the haircut you want and need? Have a clear haircut plan- we can help with that.

How it works

  • On-Demand Consult

    Take our short online consult to uncover your wants, needs and lifestyle. This will help steer us in the right direction when it comes to making your plan.

  • We Brainstorm For You

    A licensed Stylist will be assigned to your plan. During the 48 hour brainstorming window, we will communicate with you on your desires for your haircut plan.

  • Your Plan Arrives In Your Inbox

    Once we've finalized the plan, you'll receive the customized haircut plan in your inbox! It will include a curated

It's not just a haircut

We don't just care about great haircuts, we care about YOUR HAIRCUT.

  • More than 100,000 happy women with hair they love

  • A team of licensed (experienced) Stylists ready to take care of your plan

  • Thousands of dollars saved for our Clients because they have a clear hair plan (no more hair experiments turned hair 'redos')

The Result: Customized Hair

Imagine yourself walking around with confidence with a look that was handcrafted just for you.

Your situation, your experiences, and your abilities are unique to you. Why wouldn't your hair be unique as well? Passion for life begins when you feel like you're moving in the right direction. Conquer life with the best hair possible.