Hey, I'm Amanda Shaffer

Lots of mistakes lead me to you...

After 19+ years in the industry, I realized it's not about what skills we know- it's all about when and how to apply them. We see thousands of different scenarios behind the chair, and many of my mistakes were because I did the RIGHT SKILL on the wrong person.


No matter what your experience level, we will help you get to your goals.

  • Bite-Sized Education

    Our system gets you to where you want to be faster, because you learn to self-assess and diagnose problems with your technique.

  • Healthy Partnership

    Most education platforms 'dump' knowledge onto you, and it's your job to retain, apply, and hopefully understand when to use the new information. We give you a step-by-step system with a combo of self-guided and coaching.

  • Become Elite Faster

    Only certain people will be the top-performers, and it's not for the reason you think. Most Stylists think it's about 'experience' and making mistakes, but through the years we realized it's more about the ORDER in which you learn and apply the information.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your haircolor consult, then we will refund it!  We are confident that you will love receiving your custom hair plan.  

Included in your plan

Here's what you can expect with your level one cutting course

  • Easy to digest format, each concept is 3 minutes or less

  • A self-assessment guide for hands-on learning

  • Assignments (once submitted, we will give you personalized feedback)

  • A solid foundation for additional cutting skills


  • What if I have ZERO experience behind the chair?

    That's PERFECT! Typically there are habits to break if you're experienced (which is fine too!) We love to teach our system to Stylists without experience.

  • Who does this course benefit?

    EVERYONE! Whether you're experienced or not, this level one cutting course is a great start to a solid foundation. You'll learn how to cut a clean and perfect perimeter- a skill you'll need to have throughout your cutting career.

  • What if there's something I don't understand in the course?

    If you're not clear on something, just leave a comment in the course and one of our Coaches will reach out to help. We are here for you!