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Stop wasting time and money on looks that aren't right for you.


    Want to find your signature look? Choose hair, makeup, or both!


    Take a brief digital consult (takes approx 5 minutes to complete) so we can get to know your needs.


    A pro stylist will create a custom beauty plan, delivered to your inbox.

The Custom Difference

We make your plan from scratch, carefully curated based on your needs.

Stop feeling *blah* when you look in the mirror.

Your full beauty transformation you seek starts here.

  • Unique to you

    How do you know what will work for you? Your budget, features, and goals are unique so your beauty plan should be too. Avoid Pinterest and google overload by having a clear plan!

  • Over 100,000 consults served

    We are a real-life Salon specializing in consults. As the word got out, and people from all over the country wanted what we offer... we expanded our consult services nationwide. Every past experience lead us to YOU.

  • Save Time & Money

    No matter where (or how) you get your hair and makeup done, have confidence in knowing that you're on the right track. 'Hair emergencies' cost a lot to fix, and it can leave you feeling discouraged.

What to expect

  • Choose your goal: hair, makeup, or both!

  • Use our secure & easy checkout, then begin your on-demand digital consult!

  • A licensed Stylist will look over your answers and brainstorm a plan for you.

One-on-one Beauty Guidance

A certified beauty coach for you!

Our team of professional, licensed Stylists are experienced in solving hair problems. They individually review your profile, craft your hair plan based on your needs.

Real people, gorgeous hair!

New Mama, feeling GREAT!

Chelsea S.

When I first had my son, I felt TIRED and boring! Every time I looked in the mirror, I thought UGH- I'll worry about my appearance later. As I left the newborn phase, I realized that how I feel about myself is directly connected to my health as a Mama. Instead of going to my Stylist and doing 'the usual', I dug deep to find out what truly makes me feel like myself. I'm so glad I invested in this for ME.

It's all about value.

Jessica C.P.

Every time I went to a Salon, I left feeling like I could have done it myself at home. So that's what I started doing! But the problem still remained: I didn't know how to uncover the best look for me. Now I feel sassy, sexy, and I'm clear on the plan that makes me feel like my best self.

Everyone was asking me what changed.

Laura D.K.

I've gone my whole life feeling like I wasn't worthy of attention. I cried happy tears the first time my friends made a big deal about my new look. It was so much more than hair for me, it was the realization that I am worthy. I'm so thankful I started this journey, and I'll never look back!


Here's the scoop...

  • How much does it cost?

    It's $49 per consult or $89 for the complete system.

  • How long does it take to get my plan?

    Everything begins when your on-demand online consult is complete! Once you submit, you will receive your custom plan within hours.

  • What if I have more questions for the Stylist?

    If you'd like to add our 48 Concierge, service, you'll be able to add that to your cart!

  • Is there a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

    If you're unhappy in any way with your consult, we are happy to refund your plan in full within the 48 hour time frame.

  • What do I do after I get my plan?

    Depending on what you seek, we will give advice on 'next steps' for you. We can be involved as little (or as much) as you want!

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Your best look starts here

  • Hair Color Plan

    Undertones, complexion, budget, existing hair, health... the list goes on and on. How do you choose the right look for you? Avoid overwhelm by getting a clear hair color plan from a professional.

  • Hair Cut Plan

    Which features do you want to accentuate? How long do you want to spend styling your hair? What will be most flattering and give you the look you desire? Let us help you make this complicated service more simple and clear.

  • Styling Plan

    You walk around every day with your best accessory, and sometimes we treat it like the old drink in the back of the fridge. It's there, but it's not fresh or put to good use. Let us help you with a clear plan to give you confidence with your hair style!